Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Csarda Haz - Agritourism Project Built on Mangalitsa Pigs

Csarda Haz location

I recently sold some Mangalitsa breeding stock to George and Dr. Gar House. They are the first to buy Mangalitsa breeding stock from Heath Putnam Farms. Dr. House is an expert in sustainable agriculture. They are going to create Csarda Haz (there's not much on their site, except for a drawing of an old csarda).

Magda and Rosalia

They have big plans. As Gar wrote to me:
We are very excited about our new additions to Csarda Haz: Arpad, Magda, Kinga, and Rosalia, our Swallow-Belly Mangalicas - all obtained from the breeding stock of Heath Putnam, founder of Wooly Pigs.

Árpád the boar.

Our Csarda Haz is not only be a productive organic farm but also a center for preserving traditional Hungarian agricultural practices. Traditional Hungarian 'csardas' are rustic country inns providing food and lodging for travelers. Translated into English 'Csarda Haz' means 'House Inn' or 'Inn of the Houses' - a play on our name and heritage.

Árpád the boar, a little cuter.

In addition to performing this traditional role, our Csarda Haz will operate as a combined bed and breakfast, farm stay, mini-conference center, retreat/spa, and agritourism destination. The vision of Csarda Haz is to become a living museum of farming in the 'old days' and 'old ways' with people in costume performing and teaching traditional agricultural practices.
Gar House with Mangalica Pigs

When completed in the summer of 2012, the main Csarda Haz village will have a main hall with a commercial kitchen for food preparation, cooking, baking, and brewing. Fresh bread will be baked daily in wood-fired brick ovens. The Csarda Haz hall will also include a large dining and meeting area surrounded by several, separate sleeping bungalows or cabins with full bathrooms.

George House with Mary and some of their Mangalitsa pigs.

Csarda Haz guests will enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides and experience farm animals, orchards, vineyards, flower, herb, and vegetable gardens first-hand - all within a relaxed, health, organic, park-like, old-world ambiance and environment. Experienced guides will explain the operation and function of each traditional farming method. Csarda Haz will also offer agricultural education through agricultural workshops and classes taught by well-known specialists.

Our family are of true Magyar ancestry, as George's great-great-grandfather, Count Janos Mukri, an elite palace guard of Franz Joseph, immigrated to the United States in 1904, when Hungary was still embedded in the old Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Csarda Haz is located on County Road 95A, situated 5 miles from Davis and less that 100 yards from the painted Steveson Bridge, a well-recognized Yolo County landmark.
These guys are serious and sincere. I'm sure they are going to do what it takes to make tasty products.

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