Friday, November 12, 2010

Marx Foods & Mangalitsa Cured Products

Marx Foods is selling ham, shoulder and bacon from our pigs. As previously mentioned, Johnston County Hams buys our hams and shoulders (and bellies) and cures them.

Three-Michelin Star Restaurants like Per Se in NYC buy them - because they are incredible.

Marx Foods sells a lot of high-quality, hard-to-find ingredients to people. I'm very happy that they've added our Mangalitsa hams.

Justin Marx portioning a ham. (photo by Marx Foods)

Marx Foods has a blog - and they write about getting in the Mangalitsa products.

As they write on their blog:
In you want some cured mangalitsa pork to test-drive and develop a recipe, email me at justin (at) marxfoods dot com. I will send you my choice of the mangalitsa ham, mangalitsa shoulder or mangalitsa bacon. There will be a prize for our favorite recipe(s) and it will be delicious. Plus, the author of our favorite recipe will be eligible to compete in the Ridiculously Delicious Challenge next month.

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