Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ugliest Mangalitsa Ever

Mangalitsa pigs are often called ugly. Many people have told me they are the ugliest pigs they've ever seen. When that happens, I reply that they are however, the tastiest (including the most marbled), and that that's what really matters.

I think the young pigs are really cute, but when they get big and fat, they get downright ugly.

Looking on the web, I found a very ugly Mangalitsa. It's got the fat (not rolls - it's more like a blob), the crazy hair, a "beard" of dried muck balls and a very wary look on its face, like it's about to run off or perhaps try to bite. This is the pig ya mama warned you about.

Nevertheless, it might have a loin like the one pictured above - and that's the loin I want to eat. Not a regular sorry-looking pork loin:

Typical pork loin photo, found on the web.

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Anonymous said...

WTF ! :))