Friday, November 12, 2010

Mangalitsa Hams

Earlier today, I was looking at the picture (above) of our hams (made by Johnston County Hams), on the Marx Food blog.

Besides thinking, "I hope Justin doesn't hurt himself with that knife," I thought, "that sure is a lot of fat on that ham.

Then I saw that Costco is selling imported "jamon mangalica" (Mangalitsa pork, likely from Hungary, cured in Spain). Besides noticing that their price was much higher, I noticed that their ham likewise has a lot of fat cover too.

That's just how the pigs are. They are extreme lard-type pigs. They taste the best, but they have a lot of fat. The fat on those hams can taste wonderfully nutty.

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Angel said...

The Costco price includes the carving stand ... I wonder how much of the price is the stand.