Friday, November 5, 2010

Mangalitsa Video From Spain

Here's a video I found on Youtube. I don't understand Spanish and would appreciate an English summary, if anyone can provide it.

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praguestepchild said...

Well, my Spanish is *very* rusty, I only picked up maybe 20 percent but I can give a brief account of what I did pick up since no one better qualified has piped up yet.

The guy first talks about their wooly coats (lana) and the different colors (white, blonde, red, black with a white stripe).

She says some stuff too fast for me.

Then he talks about the meat being very red, very intense.

Announcer talks about aging the meat for three years and something about it costing 20 Euros. The Olmos family sells to gourmet stores and restaurants something something intensity.

Senor Olmos says something about working with Portuguese and again about their wooly coats, pretty lost here, insemination seems to be mentioned a couple times.

She then concludes with something about Spanish kitchens.