Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neck Sauce

Mangalitsa neck, with sauce. Photo by Mike Eades.

Monsoon (Capitol Hill in Seattle) does a mean Mangalitsa neck. Above is a photo by Dr Mike Eades, half of the polymath duo "The Eadses". We ate there on Easter.

I recently ate the neck at Monsoon with Lee Anne Wong and my multi-talented friend Chris.*

Chris took a sample of Monsoon's sauce home and came up with the following recipe.

Chris's Sauce

300g Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce
90g lime juice
20g white soy sauce
20g fresh ginger - small dice
10g fish sauce
10g scallion greens - thin slice

There's no reason to think that Monsoon's recipe is exactly the same as Chris's, of course. It does taste very good though.

Besides putting it on meat, he says putting it on crunchy vegetables like cucumbers makes a great salad.

* Among other things, he's got a sous vide rig, rotovap and enough kitchen ridiculous equipment at home that he can cook along the lines of Alinea in his own kitchen. These are the sorts of people who love Mangalitsa.

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