Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inn at Ship Bay's Mangalitsa Video

Geddes Martin, innkeeper, farmer and chef has a video of one of his Mangalitsa pigs.

It is neat to see what affection they have for each other. You can also see how fun pigs are to watch; they are so curious.

I called him today and chatted. I explained to him: if he'll personally drive out to Iowa to pick up a Swallow-bellied Mangalitsa boar (and drive it back to Orcas Island), I'll give him one for free.

Somehow I like the idea of guys in the remote corners of the USA breeding, fattening, slaughtering and processing Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsas into great food. He's really into the whole process. One expected benefit: if I can make it up there, he'll give me a place to eat and some great Mangalitsa products.

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