Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Mangalitsa Experience

This time in Albuquerque:
Wooly Pig was a special menu item (May 13-14) that we lucked into when we arrived at JJ101 for Chesapeake Bay soft shell crabs. This piece of pig had the most intense flavor of anything I have ever had from other pigs, including some of those peanut-fed porkers from Virginia. Ordered medium rare, it arrived with a slightly charred outside, very tender inside, and some of the most delicious meat fat that I have ever encountered. Superb.


Each of these dishes could easily win best-of-show in any competition, Simple ingredients expertly combined into unbelievably good tastebud treats.

Typical response to our Mangalitsa pork: better than anything I've ever had.

One interesting thing about people is that they can read that something is going to be incredible, but until they experience it first hand, they still doubt that it can be so great.

It doesn't matter how much press they read, from however many sources. There's nothing like first-hand experience.

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