Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lincoln County Cookers Competes in Harrah’s High Steaks BBQ Bash with Our Stuff, Eric Loos wins, Sous Vide

Fatback Collective - victorious!

Lincoln County Cookers, a barbecue team, will be competing in the Harrah’s High Steaks BBQ Bash with some of our Mangalitsa.

A team member heard about the success of the Fatback Collective and contacted me to get some product.

It is very exciting that people who want to win choose our Mangalitsa.

This is coming on the heels of the Fatback Collective taking 3rd in Memphis.

Also, Erick Loos of La Provence just won Cochon 555 in New Orleans. He used a pig that we bred (and he fattened on his farm). To my knowledge, that's the first time a chef competed (and won!) with a pig he fattened. I was very happy that he won.

One neat thing about his victory: he cooked all the food in advance, using sous vide technology. At the event, they just had to heat the stuff and serve it - a bit like airport food. Sous vide cooking takes the stress and inconsistency out of the cooking process. Doing things using sous vide technology allowed them to relax and focus on getting the details right.

I am a big fan of sous vide technology - particularly the Sous Vide Supreme.

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