Friday, June 17, 2011

Weston A Price Meetup

I went to a Weston A Price meetup and heard ND Tim Gerstmar talk about gluten. It was neat to ask questions of a guy who knows a lot about that stuff. I now understand why some people - e.g. Robb Wolf - advise people to eat tubers, skipping grains entirely.

That recommendation (along with dire warnings of leaky gut syndrome due to glutins, lectins, zein and other chemicals found in grains) always seemed a little extreme. It doesn't seem so extreme to me now.

I brought some Mangalitsa lardo to the event People ate it right up.

What's interesting is that CrossFitters, many of whom try to eat a paleo diet, don't vacuum up the lardo. In contrast, Weston A Price members, are pretty quick to try and eat the stuff.

There were a lot of Europeans there. Italy, Moldova and Czech Republic were represented. They were all very lardo-friendly.

The Italian said that the lardo in Italy was more greasy. I explained that yes, thanks to me, the USA sometimes produces better lardo than found in Italy.

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