Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Neat Food Blog With Great Mangalitsa Photos

There are some neat photos over here of some Mangalitsa pigs and food made from Mangalitsa pigs.

They ate my Mangalitsa pork at a dinner in St. Louis, put on by one of my customers, loujack, and oddly enough, the customer is a brother of a Washington state customer:
... tasted the Mangalitza pig when we were in St Louis at the Clandestino dinner last year. The boys there were so passionate about the meat and the special qualities that I was intrigued. The more I have begun to read up on it the more interested I also have become, especially for the charcuterie properties (fat, in a word) that it has.

I'm not going to copy them here becuase I don't have the permission to duplicate them - but really, you should click here and check them out.

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Stephen said...

They're a lovely animal...placid, smart AND photogenic! Thanks for the link....