Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There's an article in the Sacramento Bee, called "Culinary World High on This Hog". It talks a lot about Suisun Valley Farms (my customer) and their selling Mangalitsa pork to restaurants and retailers in and around Sacramento.

It is nice to see them get some press. They've been selling Mangalitsa pigs to Michelin-starred restaurants in California for two years.

Here's my favorite excerpts from the article:
For those craving a world-class version of "the other white meat," it might as well be pronounced "Mmmmmmangalitsa."...

"We purchase Mangalitsa pigs primarily due to their very high fat content," said Devin Knell, chef de cuisine for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. "The careful and selective diet these pigs are fed produces a highly unsaturated fat that has the texture and mouth feel of Wagyu. We use these pigs primarily for dry curing and aging. I feel that this form of utilization best showcases the attributes of both the pig and the efforts that Suisun Valley Farm puts into raising them."

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