Saturday, June 25, 2011

John Besh's First Mangalitsa Piglets

Chef Erick Loos holds one of John Besh's Swallow-Bellied Mangalitsa piglets. Thankfully the piglet has no idea what Erick Loos does with Mangalitsa pigs.

This is a big deal - John Besh has been into Mangalitsa pigs for a while. Now he's breeding them. These are the first farrowed in Louisiana.

There's 9 piglets. You can see how fat that gilt is. There's no visible muscle to her; she looks like a tick.

The gilt looks ugly. She'll probably bite you too, if a pig squeals.
You can see how small thepigs are, and how they are striped like wild boar.

I've never seen this guy before. He's wearing muck boots, so I'll guess he's their herdsman.

When I see his clothes, I think, it must be very hot there. There's no way I want to wear shorts and a T-shirt in a pig pen. Google says right now it is 89F (32C) with 58% humidity.

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