Friday, April 17, 2009

British Wild Boar Business

I count 3 piglets.

I saw an article about a guy producing wild boar and making food from them.

The business model is neat: he's got exotic animals and produces a product that people in Britain normally import from Continental Europe. His animals look a lot like Mangalitsa, of course, but are a lot harder to manage, and they don't taste the same because they are so lean.

I don't see how he could produce enough meat to keep up with demand - and still keep his acreage in good shape. He's only got 20 acres. One has to also wonder if his animals escape and bother the neighbors.

Although one could run Mangalitsa this way, if you farrowed outdoors twice a year per sow, you'd have high mortality in winter. If you farrowed just once a year, you'd have very low productivity.

I suggested to these American wild boar producers that they might want to consider producing meat like The Real Boar Co.; they farrow indoors, so they can farrow year round without lots of piglets dying shortly after birth.

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