Monday, April 20, 2009

Report from New York Mangalitsa Consumer

Now that Mosefund has sold some of my meat in New York, we've started to get feedback from people who've eaten Mangalitsa for the first time.

Chef Michael Clampffer of Mosefund got this feedback shortly after selling a customer some Mangalitsa:
Just for taste, I sauteed some of it in its own fat last night. I could not believe it has such a meaty taste to it! Best way I can describe it, having not eaten it before, is that it's like comparing regular supermarket steak to prime aged rib eye steak.
Then she prepared it a few ways and wrote back:
It has been delicious so far!

My mom enjoyed it very much, but she has not made her pork shoulder recipe yet, which is what I'm really waiting for.

I have so far made a few things:

(1) Traditional Chinese item where I put chopped pork, shrimp, and shitake mushroom with sticky rice and wrapped it in bamboo leaves to steam.

(2) Puerto Rican pernil with housemade marinade (from Puerto Rican neighbor)

(3) Brown gravy using the rendered pork fat as base for roux.

Out of the three items, 2&3 have been the tastiest. The flavor from the fat just stands out so well in the gravy. From the pernil, I find that the pork holds up to spices so very well.

The pork is wonderful, Michael!

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