Sunday, April 19, 2009

Executive Chef Jason Bond Gets Some Pigs

Jason Bond, Executive Chef at Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro bought some pigs from Mosefund. They'll be finished for his kitchen somewhere in Massachusetts.

Beacon Hill looks really fancy. The reviews are outstanding:
"The very terms 'town house hotel' and 'bistro' are suspect these days. But the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro in Boston is the genuine article"
- The New York Times

"Like their last venture, La Brasserie de l'EntrecĂ´te in Lisbon, Cecilia and Peter Rait's Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro in Boston is sure to be the toast of the town."
- Travel & Leisure

"Beacon Hill Bistro’s Bond has the Midas touch. . . the restaurant is on the cusp of national recognition and deservedly so. Thanks to Bond. Jason Bond."
- The Boston Herald

"—The food and feel of the restaurant are like a soft but seductive melody, insinuating itself into your memory, calling you back."
- The Boston Globe

Looking on the web, I found pictures of them receiving the pigs:

This pig is really cute:

If you live near New Jersey and want to get some pigs, contact Mosefund; they have more.

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