Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Collins Pub

I just got back from Collins Pub. I delivered some Mangalitsa-sired pork.

Collins Pub served Mangalitsa a while back. Eric Wood, the chef, made some fresh and cured dishes from it and was very satisfied. He and his staff are real pig people - they've bought many heads and offal from me. They really appreciate the flavor and juiciness of Mangalitsa.

I found an article about Collins Pub and their new restaurant. One thing I like is that as supplies of Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa-sired pork expand, more people can eat the stuff in more and more locations.

I figure he'll pull out the tenderloins and special those. I suggested he braise the belly and rest of the loin, whip up the fat he'd render and use as a spread, and put any leftover meat bits in ravioli - like Chef Stockner.

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