Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wooly Pigs Sells Approximately 100 Mangalitsa pigs to Mosefund Farm of New Jersey

Mosefund's Feeder Pigs

Mosefund Farm just took delivery of their approximately 100 Mangalitsa feeder pigs, produced by Wooly Pigs. Steve, a producer for Wooly Pigs, delivered them.

Mosefund Farm is owned by G. Chris Andersen, one of America's most innovative investment bankers. Chef Michael Clampffer runs the Mangalitsa operation. Here's something describing Michael's unique duties.

Mosefund's Feeder Pigs

Mosefund purchased mostly purebred swallow-bellied Mangalitsas, in addition to some 75% Mangalitsa pigs. Just as in Europe, Wooly Pigs uses the Mangalitsa in a pyramidal breeding system to produce excellent-tasting 75% lard-type market hogs.

Steve's Mangalitsa-hauler

Mosefund is planning a neat Mangalitsa-processing class in a few months. See their site for signup instructions.

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