Friday, April 24, 2009

Texan Customer on Mangalitsa

Michael Clampffer of Mosefund Farm sent a customer in Texas some Mangalitsa shoulder. Here's what they had to say about the product:
We have finally been able to cook and enjoy the pork that Michael sent (your production). It was easily the best and most flavorful that any of us (two chefs: Miguel and Alma) have ever had. Alma said that the shoulder that she received was of course very marbled/fatty and it kept oozing down and then some. She made "chilorio".

Have you had this recipe before? It is like pulled pork and makes wonderful flour tortillas.

That's really nice. Of course, those guys know pork - they run one of Texas's best-respected Mexican restaurants.

Of course, the hitch is the price. Mangalitsa is expensive enough already, and when you throw in shipping to Texas, it is very expensive.

I'm hoping someone in Texas will buy some feeder pigs from our Midwestern farms and fatten them there in Texas.The other alternative would be to sell pallets of pork - but we don't have enough production for that right now - and most restaurants don't buy a few hundred pounds of pork at a time.


Stephen said...

what restaurant?

Unknown said...

I'm all for this Mangalitsa idea. I think it is a great idea and the position in marketing to specilty restaurants is catching on as well. Your biggest help will be the grocery stores themselves. Weither it is Wholefoods, Kroger, Appletree, the meat is tasteless. Every cook off I go to, I make sure I go to a butchershop that buy local animals .