Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Special Dinner at Monsoon

Last night I had to go up to Monsoon to take them a bunch of Mangalitsa-sired pork. It turned out that Monsoon was low, and they are having a special dinner tonight, for a special customer who loves Mangalitsa. Hopefully he likes Mangalitsa-sired pork too - because that's all we've got for him.

While I was there, I got to meet a corporate chef who sells special ovens to some people who've bought from me, including Thomas Keller's restaurants, Trump Sonesta and so on. Here's an article about the oven. This makes it sound neat:
By cooking with moist heat at extremely low temperatures, the CVap can cook delicate fishes, beef tenderloins, and even custards in short periods without losing any moisture whatsoever — the hallmark of sous-vide cooking, but without all the hassle of bags and warm-water baths. “It’s so good,” Vongerichten tells us. “Like sous-vide, but without all the troubles. It’s so much better than the bag.”
He liked the Mangalitsa-sired chop that Chef Johnny served him, and noticed the special fat and flavor.

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