Monday, May 4, 2009

Customer Report: Pork Belly

A Boston guy wrote this about some pork that Wooly Pigs produced (and Mosefund distributed):

wanted to let you know that the pork belly turned out amazing - Boston
will be singing your praise for a while ! :)

I made 3 different kinds of the belly

beer braised
spiced rubbed and braised
brined and braised

all of those turned out great - with the brined and the beer braised, I made chinese buns with hoisin sauce

also took the rendered fat and made a whipped butter with orange zest and fresh basil which was amazing..

That's some amazing cooking!

Mangalitsa fat is very special.

I have to figure that the "whipped butter" he's talking about was just whipped lard - given the instructions I gave him. The fact that people get so excited about whipped Mangalitsa lard should tell you its special; normal lard is heavy. Mangalitsa lard is great because it holds air, has very light mouthfeel and a very clean taste.

This is the second piece of customer feedback today that mentions whipped lard. Here's the first.

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