Monday, May 4, 2009

Customer Report - Mangalitsa-sired jowl

A customer bought a Mangalitsa-sired jowl to cook for his Hungarian guest.

Here's his report:

I'm the guy who bought the jowl from you on Saturday morning for my Hungarian friend, S. I just wanted you to know that he was absolutely beside himself when I served it to him last night. Thank you so much for making this brilliant meat available!

I rendered over 2 cups of beautiful silky fat from the thing, and following your advice, whipped it with some cornichons, breadcrumb and salt: this was almost better than the meat itself.

It was worth every penny, and really took my friend back to his childhood.

A number of these points have come up before:

The special importance of Mangalitsa pigs to Central Europeans - particularly Magyars.

Jowls as the best cut on a Mangalitsa or other Speckschwein.

Whipped lard.

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