Monday, May 11, 2009

Wild Boar Videos

Mangalitsa Bacon by Barnaby Dorfman

The Mangalitsa is related closely to wild boar, although they are very different. Wild boar have leaner carcasses and are less tame.

For instance, here's some wild boar belly, from Marx Foods. It is obviously a much leaner cut than that belly above:
I was looking on the internet for things related to wild boar and I found this recent news from Germany - a bunch of wild boar went into Augsburg and only one made it out alive. The fact that they panicked made things a lot worse.

I also found some amazing videos on a site ( that breeds trophy boars. Some people want to shoot a wild boar so they can have a trophy. The breeders of wild boar usually breed them for size and tusk length - the things that people want in a trophy. I've posted about another company that does the same thing.

They've got some neat videos! Here's one, showing one of their giant boars pestering a sow.

This boar starts the video by stamping his feet - something boars do when bothered:

Wild boar Kong stamping his feet

They've got all sorts of videos, including ones showing cute piglets here.

I know a guy who'll be breeding wild boar to Meishan pigs, following in the footsteps of King Wilhelm I.

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