Saturday, May 2, 2009

Earthy Delights and Bakers Green Acres

I got photos from Jill Baker about the Michigan Mangalitsas (mentioned previously) that Earth Delights and Bakers Green Acres are fattening.

Mark Baker doing fence work:

Pigs waiting for their mash:

Pigs on the compost pile:

Pigs digging up potatoes:

Mark Baker processes chickens so he's got a lot of chickenheads. He cooks up a porridge with them and feeds that to the pigs. I'm very impressed with that - it is traditional, sustainable, natural, good for the pigs - and he isn't kowtowing to the "natural" pork producers who withhold animal byproducts from their pigs.

Of course, you don't want to feed pigs meat at the end of their lives - you'll ruin the fat. But when they are young, they really need that animal protein.

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deb said...

What an interesting article. My husband and my dream is to own land and be self sufficient but our goals are a looo....ooong way off. LOL I do enjoy reading about heritage breeds such as these pigs.