Monday, May 11, 2009

Fermented Sausage Production - Books

Doing research, I came across this book on fermented sausages (e.g. salami, summer sausage, kolbasz). It is a very good read. It has a lot of technical information, explained numerous times, so that you understand what's going on in that salami. The one thing that's a bit concerning is that the book is clearly self-published. Yet, as the authors make clear, if you mess up your sausages, people could die. So if you rely on this book, you are putting your life in the hands of two guys eccentric enough to self-publish a book on making fermented sausages.

As an accompaniment, you might want to get this book - meat scientists go over the same material.

Speaking of fermented sausages, there's a Hungarian company marking some with a picture of a blonde Mangalitsa on the label (see above). I think the pig looks a bit sad. I don't think it is sad because it got turned into sausage. I think the pig is sad because it doesn't get to eat the sausage.

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