Friday, November 13, 2009

Maple Rock Farms Kills a Pig

As I wrote before, it is getting to be pig-killing time.

I got an email from Geddes about Maple Rock Farm killing a pig I delivered a few months back. John Steward has a post about it on his blog:

"The obvious difference is how much fat they have. The fatback on this guy was about two and a half inches thick! Wooly pigs are famous for their high quality fat and I was perhaps a bit sceptical in the beginning but after working with and tasting the meat I a convert.

"Yesterday was spent smoking ham hocks and bones and making copious quantities of stock. I also proccessed the scrap into ground pork. This was the first real taste of the meat I have had. Highly impressive. Without question the best pork I've ever tasted. The flesh is such a beautiful red color and the texture reminded me of a sushi grade tuna. Just fabulous.

"Geddes Martin from The Inn At Ship Bay dry cured the bellies and jowls for bacon. The flavor is exceptional. The bacon is mostly fat but it's different than any bacon you'll see at the market. It goes translucent as soon as it heats the pan. The flavor is clean and the taste again, is out of this world."

The pig they killed is an F1, explaining why there so much lean meat in that belly. Their other pigs ought to be fatter and even tastier, with even more nicer fat, as shown in this next photo.

Homemade Mangalitsa bacon by Barnaby Dorfman.

The photos above off pigs and the raw belly are from Geddes, one of the chefs who'll serve the pigs from Maple Rock Farm.

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