Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inflight Magazine on Mangalitsa Pigs

There's a magazine in "Inflight Magazine" about Mangalitsa. They've got a pretty picture of a Red Mangalitsa boar, foaming at the mouth.

Apparently its back from July, but I only saw it on the web now.

Back when that article was written, likely April 2009, there just wasn't much Mangalitsa available. But now, whether on the coasts or the rest of the USA (via FedEx), Mangalitsa is available.

I'm happy to see this major progress in such short time. Wooly Pigs and Mosefund are getting things done.

In the case of Mosefund, it is pretty much one guy, Michael Clampffer - and he doesn't even get to devote all his time to Mosefund's pig operation. To think they went from killing their first pigs (in July) to selling them to some of the East Coast's best restaurants in October, a mere four months. Wooly Pigs has achieved similarly speedy results in San Francisco.

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