Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa Featured at Benefit

Tom Canaday, Wooly Pigs Vice President for Bay Area Operations announces:
We at Wooly Pigs are delighted that our Mangalitsa will be featured at the ninth annual Taste & Tribute benefit gala for the Tibetan Aid Project at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco tomorrow night (Friday, Nov. 20th). This amazing event features twenty-three of the best Bay Area chefs cooking tableside, and benefits the Tibetan Aid Project which helps Tibetans rebuild, preserve, and strengthen their cultural and spiritual heritage. Chef Mark Richardson of the Four Seasons will be showcasing his three-way Mangalitsa tasting at Table 5. Thanks Chef Mark!
I've written about the Four Seasons and Mark Richardson serving our Mangalitsa. I think its great that when he's got a special event and wants something really nice, he knows we are the ones to call.

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