Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wooly Pigs and Foods In Season make Mangalitsa Convenient and Accessible

Tao of Mangalitsa?

As previously mentioned, Foods in Season is distributing Mangalitsa by Wooly Pigs across much of the USA.

Americans love convenience.

The products shown on this page demonstrate 2 kinds of convenience:

1) Foods In Season will bring the good stuff to you. Who'd have ever thought you'd be able to get on the phone or internet and order up half an extreme lard-type pig, or a pack of boneless Mangalitsa chops - and have it come the next day?

2) We've got the meat cut so that chefs of all skill levels can appreciate it. If you want a minimally cut pig, we've got it. You can lay the pieces out on a table and see that it came from one half. If that's not your style, we've got a 10-pack of boneless chops, for the people who like to keep things easy. There's no need to break down a loin - even though that isn't too hard.

In the future, I'm hoping we can make our production and distribution even more streamlined, so that we'll be able to offer people chilled, never frozen halves. As it is, I'm astounded that you can order this stuff at all; it has taken a tremendous amount of work to get to this point.

If you 'd rather not get out your knife, steel and rib-puller and break down your own pig, we've got boneless Mangalitsa chops for you. The picture at top shows how they look outside of the package. I'm guessing some chefs will figure out how to use these chops - and then they'll be ordering a lot of them.

Part of doing business in America is giving people what they want. If people want portioned, boneless chops, Wooly Pigs is going to give it to them.

My favorite cut is the shoulder butt. The shoulder of a pig includes what we think of as a neck, upper back, front arm and a piece of the chest. The shoulder butt includes the neck and upper back. It is a very marbled and flavorful cut.

In Austria, that part (they cut it slightly differently) consumers typically prefer that to the loin.

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