Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mangalitsa Star of Chicago Dinners

Mangalitsa will feature on some special menus in Chicago in December:

The Mangalitsa is going to be the star of The Cadillac Of Pig Dinners. Chef Paul Virant of Vie, Chef Giuseppe Tentori of BOKA, Perennial's Chef Ryan Poli and Top Chef alumnus Stephanie Izard of the soon-to-be Drunken Goat are paying homage to the Hungarian Hog with a 4 course dinner. The host chef prepares the amuse and dessert, and the remaining three each prepare a course using a different cut of the meat.
I called the restaurant and found out it won't be Mangalitsa from Wooly Pigs, distributed by Foods In Season, but rather, from Triple S Farms, one of our many feeder pig customers.

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