Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mangalitsa Sightings

As Bob del Grosso reports on Facebook and his blog:
The guanciale I made from the hog jowl that I bought from Michael Clampffer (chef-swineherd of Mosefund Farm) is ready and it is on the dinner menu tonight!
From his blog:
After deciding that it was worth checking to see if the jowl was mature enough to consider using to add lubricity and savoriness to my intended Spaghetti con caviofiore, I took the sucker down and tasted it. It is marvelous. It is salty, cream, firm, not a hint of bitterness. Like the best butter you ever had, but it is not butter, it's pork. Nice job Michael Clampffer and friends at Mosefund! And a tip of the hat to the fellow who brought the Mangalitsa to North America Mr. Heath Putnam of Wooly Pigs; damned fine job!

Its great that such accomplished chefs appreciate Wooly Pigs and what we've done, with the aid of our special pigs, who have the potential to taste incomparably better than other pigs.

Chef Jason W Bond has a nice photo from his Mangalitsa project on Facebook:

Mangalitsa pork shoulder served with watermelon radish, boudin, and collards.


Jacqueline Church said...

I and two friends snuck in to Beacon Hill Bistro just as a wine dinner was starting. One of the courses was "Tan" one half of Jason's "Black" and "Tan" duo of Mangalitsas. It was amazing. My first. And I got some wonderful leaf lard, which I've rendered. I can't wait to bake with it!

Heath said...

How did it taste? What was the course?

I'm glad you liked it.