Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Besh's Mangalitsa - via Alon Shaya

Alon Shaya's photo of Mangalitsa Porchetta

Here's a dish from the Besh Restaurant Group's Alon Shaya, "Crispy mangalitsa porchetta with mustard vinaigrette and spicy green salad."

I would guess they've got belly and some neck in there - mostly belly. That white stuff is fat. It tastes incredibly good. The vinaigrette ought to give it some nice acidity.

I'm so happy to see a restaurant that isn't afraid to serve Mangalitsa belly this way. To my knowledge, John Besh's six restaurants are the only ones in the USA that do it this way, to the tune of a few hundred pounds a month. Mangalitsa Chef likes it that way too - but his place is small in comparison.

Although we sell bellies to customers in New York, I believe they cure them into things like bacon and pancetta. They don't have the courage to serve food this tasty. I expect the Hong Kong chefs will serve the bellies this way. That's more of a traditional Chinese way to do it.

Having eaten belly the way Besh does it, it would really surprise me if anyone ate Besh's Manglaitsa belly and didn't think it was absolutely incredible.

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