Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garces Trading Company

Jose Garces place Garces Trading Company got a Mangalitsa pig from Mosefund. Jose is talented. Like another Mosefund client and Mangalitsa fanatic, he beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef.

There's an article online showing the pig as Adam DeLosso at Garces Trading Company cuts it up.

It is a magical pig. Look at how fat that thing is! Mosefund doesn't cut any corners on feed - their Mangalitsa fat is some of the hardest and whitest.

I'm very happy that Mosefund sold this pig to Garces. He's a great chef, and he'll do great things with it.

At one point in this pig's life, I owned it. Then I sold it to Mosefund. They fattened it and Garces bought it. That pig got to live in Iowa and New Jersey. It will get eaten in Philadelphia. Look at a map; that pig got around.

Fairly soon, Mosefund will farrow their first litters of Swallow-Belly Mangalitsa pigs. That will be exciting!

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