Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mangalitsa Pigs for the F Word Kitchen

Mangalitsa pigs in F Word TV Show - from YouTube.

Here's a clip on the F Word Kitchen (Gordon Ramsay's restaurant) and some Mangalitsa pigs.

According to Ramsay:
  • rarest breed of pork ever in their kitchen
  • beautiful meat
  • stronger, "gamier" flavor
  • fattiest pig in the world, perfect for salami, cured loin and bacon

I take issue with the following:
  • Mangalitsas don't taste gamey. They taste meaty, like read meat. I've eaten a lot of Mangalitsa. None of it has tasted gamey like venison.
  • The pigs aren't particularly skittish. Other breeds of pig are a lot more jumpy. Mangalitsa pigs are particularly calm.
In any case, I'm happy to see Mangalitsa pigs getting some media attention. I think it is great that restaurant groups like Besh Restaurant Group and SU Restaurant Group in Milwaukee are committing to Mangalitsa pigs and pork.

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Marilyn said...

Hey Heath and all Mangalitsa Lovers,

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