Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Serious Pie in Seattle

Serious Pie has some nice Mangalitsa products.

Here's what I got to eat tonight:
  • blood sausage (made with Mangalitsa fat) - this was really good.
  • guanciale (cured jowl)
  • lonza (cured loin)
  • capicola (cured neck)
  • pancetta (cured belly)
Gray Brooks and Kenan Fox do a great job with the cured products. The resulting pizzas are really good.

When you eat a pizza made with really good ingredients, it is awesome.

Unfortunately, you can't necessarily perceive how great all the components (e.g. cured Mangalitsa products) are. Hence, most people who eat the Mangalitsa pizzas probably just think the pizzas are incredible. They can't necessarily say why (e.g. fat quality, processing skill).

If you live in Seattle and like Mangalitsa, I'd definitely suggest that you call over, find out what Mangalitsa stuff they'll have on any particular night, and go in and order them.

It was such a treat to eat this stuff.

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eternal said...

Kelly told me the pork was amazing, even if she did mispronounce a few names. Wish I could have joined.