Friday, March 4, 2011

EU Defence Minister Dinner

As the article says:

The main course prepared to match the wine was “Mangalitza Spare Ribs with Paprikas Potatoes”. Mangalitza proved once again to be a good choice to follow Chicken Soup Újházy Style in this series of dishes, and it presented an opportunity to demonstrate our values. Regaining popularity in Hungary since the early 1990s, Mangalitza, which is also native to this country, has been kept in high esteem in several areas in this geographic neighbourhood of Europe. It has been common since the early 19th century and is currently, protected by law. To make the meat dish for a dinner with over three hundred guests at the table, the vacuum technology (sous-vide), was called into play once more. Cooking on low temperature yielded delightful texture and zest, accompanied with paprikas, potatoes made using a new approach rather than the style customary in peasant or civic kitchens, which uses lard, onions; and powdered red paprika. Like the spare ribs, sliced potatoes and paprika were also prepared under vacuum, on low temperature, and were conjured up to become a 21st century reincarnation of a tiller's simple dish, by adding bacon mousse, gravy (jus) and onions.

The dish was traditional and innovative at the same time, just as the wine, Szilénusz 2007, which inspired it.

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