Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bakers Green Acres and Mangalitsa

Some Mangalitsas at Bakers Green Acres.

Bakers Green Acres has some nice photos of their pigs on the web. Their pigs got used at the Grand Traverse Resort in MI, exposing a bunch of people to their unique pigs. As they write about the event:

Resort Executive Chef Ted Cizma had received a whole hog and processed it on Monday. Tuesday evening he and his staff served fried pork belly at the event. It was fantastic. Even though the pig was not mature the meat had the flavor we remember of our standard mature hogs. It also had a great deal of belly meat and fat such that it could provide the material for pork belly. Our experience with standard hogs was that you couldn’t get a decent belly off them unless they were a minimum of 2oo lbs. dressed (this one was about 120). We were very impressed with how the Mangalitsa pig performed. Chef Scott had prepared some of the lard. He rendered the lard, added some spices (I wish I could remember which ones), then whipped the fat enough to make a butter with it. I tried it on a garlic melba toast. It was very good. I’m not a big fat eater, so wouldn’t want much of it, but the flavor was good. The butter had a lard flavor, but it wasn’t as strong or heavy as I remember lard I’ve rendered from standard hogs.

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