Sunday, July 5, 2009

Luce's Landing; Kobe Beef Sliders and Mangalitsa hotdogs

Keith Luce with a Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa-sired pig.

Keith Luce of The Herbfarm has opened a restaurant in New York.

It looks like he'll implement some of the innovations he brought to The Herbfarm:
Essentially I am working on a restaurant–farm concept that focuses on the land, farm, and artisanal breadmaking, cheesemaking and some charcueterie.
If I heard about someone doing this who wasn't Keith Luce, I'd be inclined to think they were just doing it to get attention and be trendy. Having eaten his products, I know he'll do it seriously.

I like this part of the interview:
Speaking of which, will you be bringing some of your wooly pigs (Mangalitsa pigs) to the new farm?

Yes, I will start raising wooly pigs there.
It is funny to see the company name "Wooly Pigs" used that way. To avoid genericide, we need Keith telling people that he really wants to raise "Mangalitsa pigs", "Wooly Pigs brand pigs", "Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa", "Wooly Pigs brand woolly pigs" - the awkwardness of which explains why he said what he said.

In any case, The Herbfarm just served some Mangalitsa hotdogs, pictured above. Also on the plate - some "Kobe beef" sliders. I'm wondering if they flew in the Kobe beef from Japan or used Washington-rasied Wagyu (purebred or otherwise) beef. I'm going to guess the latter.

If Mangalitsa hotdogs become as popular as Kobe beef sliders, that would be something.

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