Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wooly PIgs: Midwest Farm #2

Mangalitsa pigs are the kids' favorite.

Previously, I posted photos from one of our Midwest farms. Here's photos from another of our farms.

Most of the time, I devote this blog to the outstanding quality of the food we produce. E.g. as Gourmet described it - "The Magic of Mangalitsa Pork".

Of course, Mangalitsa production is a family enterprise. It is great to see Americans in the Midwest raising one of the world's best-tasting pig breeds, feeding them the best possible feed. When I consider the history of pork production in America, it seems crazy to go all out this way.

We are going to produce an astounding amount of high quality pork in 2009 - approximately 10 times as much Mangalitsa as last year. People who know about fat quality might suspect quality will drop (based on producing in the corn belt)- but rest assured, quality won't drop, because we've brought in the special finishing diet. Hopefully we'll grow it on the farm next year.

Mangalitsas crowding the fence - typical pig behavior.

One thing that's funny is how the pictures don't change. Here's a photo of Donauschwaben in Old Hungary (more info) with their "Mangalica" pigs.

And here is a photo of our producers, proud to be raising the best-tasting pigs in America:

American Mangalitsa Producer

The next generation learns pig fattening firsthand.

Mangalitsas cool off cheek-to-jowl:

The erosion and soil compaction is palpable:

More pigs on the way - purebred and 75% Mangalitsa pigs:

Group Lactation

Mangalitsa sow

This next set of photos is very cute. The farm has other pigs (non-Mangalitsa) on it - but the kids' favorite pigs are the Mangalitsas:

Got some food?


Heather said...

When I was in Seattle last summer I got some of your pork, and oh was it good. But the flavor wasn't the only reason I was willing to haul frozen food back to New Mexico; your success in humane pig farming and preserving genetic diversity in livestock is just as important, in my opinion. Keep up the great work, and I hope to see you in Seattle some time soon.

Heath said...

Heather -- Thanks a lot!

Please introduce yourself again if you make it to Seattle.