Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fresh Iberico Pork - pictures

Iberico Loin

I saw a blog post, with pictures, of the fresh iberico pork. I mentioned this recently.

I understand that Bakers Green Acres will probably finish some of their purebred Mangalitsa pigs on acorns, as will Harry Cope in Missouri, Shane Petersen, and of course, Kylan Hoover (who has already done it for The French Laundry).

Mangalitsa loin

It will be interesting to hear how America's Mangalitsa pork (from the different producers) compares to Spain's Iberico (from Fermin). My bet is that Fermin's stuff won't be as good, because they are probably using leaner genetics.

Although Chef Stockner says that Iberico and Mangalitsa are basically the same (in the kitchen), he says that in Vienna, where they can order from multiple Iberico sources and multiple Mangalitsa sources. In the USA, you've only got Fermin (and they are no doubt skimming). I think the quality and price will be better when there are multiple producers.

Here's info on how Spanish companies produce Iberico.

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