Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farm #1 - more photos

Here's more photos of farm #1.

The herdsman is a former independent hog breeder with approximately 40 years hog experience. During his previous career, he produced many award-winning boars. His main goal is to improving the reproductive traits of his Mangalitsa herd.

Live births and pigs weaned is substantially above the average of Mangalitsa breeders, worldwide.

Herdsman and wife.

Sows gestate on pasture.

Herdsman watching sows

Here's a typical Mangalitsa boar, foaming at the mouth. They often look ugly - hair rubbed, tough skin, all around ratty appearance.

Typical looking Mangalitsa boar.

Here's the ugliest Mangalitsa boar I ever saw. Michael Clampffer took this photo on Christoph Wiesner's farm. The boar looks like he's abusing the waterer.

Christoph's boar

I think these sows are drying up after having been weaned.

These look to be gestating.

Here's some pigs. They'll be fattened and slaughtered, likely this Fall:

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