Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mangalitsa Belly - Kavin Du

Kavin Du has a recipe, with pictures, showing a braised Mangalitsa belly.

When ready to eat, slice them half inch think and put them in microwave for 10 seconds. At this point you should see the fat just starting to ooze out of the warm belly, giving it a nice shiny glaze. biting into it, the gelatinous skin give a tiny bit of resistance, finally letting your teeth sink in. The fat is silky smooth. Then all of a sudden the entire piece melts in your mouth into this intense flavor that’s every bit as good as fresh seared foie gras but without the organ after taste. I served it with a bowl of steamed rice and Chinese mustard green. When the belly is gone, my rice is coated with the same flavorful fat that lets me savor for the remaining of my meal.

That pig he ate was bred by Wooly Pigs and fattened and sold by Mosefund. Of course, we told them how to fatten those pigs for maximum flavor - but they are the ones who did the work.

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