Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Jersey Star-Ledger

G. Chris Andersen and his pigs.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger just wrote about Mosefund and their Mangalitsa operation.

Vicky Hyman, the journalist, wrote a very good article. It is extremely informative, and I don't see any obvious mistakes. That says a lot; in any complex article, there are normally a few mistakes.

There's lots of neat things in the article:
Mosefund Farm is the only outfit east of the Mississippi raising Mangalitsas, and its first customers include Princeton's Elements, Restaurant Latour at Crystal Springs Resorts' Grand Cascades Lodge in Hamburg and Westchester County's award-winning Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
Blue Hill at Stone Barns is the New York equivalent of The Herbfarm. For example, they raise their own pigs too. Pig's from Mosefund's first kill are going to one of New York's most respected restaurants.

And then there's this:
Mosefund will also be hosting "Pigstock 2010" in January, a , three-day, hands-on class open to all on butchering, curing and cooking the pigs.

Michael and Mr. Andersen are just some of the Americans who are really excited about Mangalitsa. In my dreams, I'd be hosting two 3-day classes on Mangalitsa slaughter and processing (and having Americans fly in from all over to take the classes). It is amazing to me that Mr. Andersen is into that too, and has the resources to make it happen.

It wouldn't be happening if Mangalitsa wasn't so superb.

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