Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wooly Pigs Delivers Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs to California

Wooly Pigs delivers a truckload of purebred Mangalitsa pigs.

Wooly Pigs just delivered purebred Mangalitsa feeder pigs to Suisun Valley Farm. The contact at the farm is Shane Petersen at or call (707) 815-0039. I wrote about them a while back.

Wooly Pigs supplies a variety of farms, across the USA, with Mangalitsa feeder pigs.

Shane Petersen and Mangalitsas

Suisun Valley Farm is the second farm in California to fatten Mangalitsa pigs. The first was Red Mountain Farm, who supplied The French Laundry with some of the highest quality fresh meat and fat ever sold in the USA.

I suspect Suisun Valley Farm will fatten some of their pigs on acorns, given the tremendous numbers of oaks in the region. The photo above shows some oaks, in addition to pigs at a water station.

Shane said the pigs came off the truck and started doing piggy things. That's how they manage their body temperature.

The pigs also ate.

Shane's pigs have an unheated shed for shelter from the elements.

He's got a shade structure:

The pigs have a personal attendant:

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