Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mangalitsa Pigs in Britain, A New Mangalitsa Farm

Another Mangalitsa breeding operation

If you look at what's going on with Mangalitsa pigs in Britain, you'll see articles like this one:
Unusual looking woolly pigs are among new arrivals at a South Yorkshire visitors' farm... Farm manager Robert Nicholson said: "The Mangalitza pigs are a great addition to our farm because they are so unusual to look at and have a curly coat that is almost like a sheep fleece.

I think it is great that they want to keep Mangalitsa pigs. If they developed a market for the meat, there might be more people keeping them, because it would pay to keep more pigs.

A nice Mangalitsa boar - with big tusks.

Wooly Pigs just started up a third Mangalitsa breeding operation in the Midwest - run by another pig breeding specialist.

The pigs are a great addition to his farm because they are paying his bills. The fact that they have a curly coat and look a bit like a sheep is interesting - but if they didn't pay the bills, he'd be too busy looking for work (and there's not really any work for pig-breeders these days) to appreciate their curious coats.

Wild Boar from "Harris on the Pig"

As Farmer #1 says, Mangalitsa pigs are the right pigs for him, because they are paying the bills.

I'm very excited about getting a second professional pig-breeder producing Mangalitsa. It is a big step forward.

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