Monday, July 27, 2009

Mangalitsa on the Web

I saw two new mentions of Mangalitsa on the web today: Mangalitsa lard and the dinner at Elements in Princeton, NJ:
Mosefund Farm is looking to change that. An equestrian facility in northwestern New Jersey with a seriously bacon-loving owner, Mosefund purchased 80 Mangalitsa pigs this spring, and they are ready for slaughter. Two of the pigs were promised to Princeton's Elements restaurant; one dedicated to charcuterie, the other for fresh pork preparations. On Monday, August 10th the results of the Mangalitsa bounty will be on full display when Elements turns the restaurant over to a communally-seated, 9-course Mangalitsa pig tasting menu. And if you still haven't had your fill, you can reserve a spot at Mosefund Farm's Pigstock 2010, a 3-day hands-on workshop that will teach you to slaughter, eviscerate, butcher, and cure your own Mangalitsa, complete with optional half or whole pig.
Of course, the picture they show, of some cured meat on a plate, looks nothing like Mangalitsa - but that's understandable, given how hard cured Mangalitsa is to come by in the USA. Here's some photos of the real deal.

I think it is great to see more mention of the pig-killing instruction at Mosefund next January. In terms of culinary instruction open to the public, that's got to be one of 2010's most educational and entertaining events.

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