Friday, July 31, 2009

New York Times on Bock Bisztro and Mangalitsa

New York times on places to eat in Hungary. I'm happy to see Hungary getting some respect for its excellent food:

EAT From its woolly mangalitsa hogs to its unusual spirits and liqueurs, Hungary has some of the best culinary resources in Central and Eastern Europe. Sample the gamut at the excellent Bock Bisztro (Erzsebet korut 43-49; 36-1-321-0340;, a restaurant operated by Jozsef Bock, a leading vintner. Start off with mangalitsa lard with cracklings and fresh chives as a topping for rustic sourdough bread, order Mr. Bock’s spicy kekfrankos, a hearty red wine, then move on to Old World treats like slow-roasted ox cheeks, suckling pig in breadcrumbs or air-cured mangalitsa ham. Cost: For two, two courses with wine comes to about 16,000 forints, or about $80 at 196 forints to the dollar.
I've written about Bock Bisztro and other nice places to eat in Hungary before. You can see photos of Bock Bisztro here.

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