Friday, October 9, 2009

7x7 on Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa at Frascati

7x7 has a post about the SF debut of Mangalitsa pork at Frascati, something I mentioned previously.

This is very exciting.

One thing I like about what Frascati is doing is that they'll cook and serve the stuff, instead of curing it for a few months and serving it in small slice-size portions (ala bacon) with other dishes. Of course, Mangalitsa bacon is absolutely incredible - but that's not as easy to evaluate as a 2-4 oz piece of Mangalitsa belly.

So if you want to eat Mangalitsa belly, you can (at least this weekend) buy and eat a portion - or two, or three, as you please.

It will be interesting to see how San Franciscans take to Mangalitsa.

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