Saturday, October 24, 2009

Herbfarm Visit

Herbfarm's Head Gardener and Herdsman Bill Vingelen

I visited the Herbfarm today and delivered some Mangalitsa loins. Those are from the same batch that I've sold recently to Nell's and the WAC (Washington Athletic Club). There's an upcoming pork-centered menu at The Herbfarm.

I saw Bill Vingelen and their Mangalitsas. I forgot my camera in the car, so there's no pig pictures. Maybe next time.

The Mangalitsas are all bigger. Two of them look to be fully grown. Bill has found a place that will let him gather acorns, so he's feeding those, in addition to free bread, bananas and carrots. The pigs prefer the acorns to pretty much everything.

We had a lot of fun watching the pigs. At the end, I gave Bill some of my Mangalitsa bacon. This is the same bacon that people have been tweeting about:
Just tried the Mangalitsa bacon from @woolypigs. Crazy delicious. Sounds weird to say, but it has complexity and finish, like a wine.
lornayee Heath's Wooly Pigs Mangalitsa bacon---OMG YUM!

@MarcSeattle I did a cheater bolognese last week with mangalitsa bacon, sausage out of casings, red wine, onion, tomatoes, and pork stock.

I had several new customers come up to me today and buy bacon. The ones in the know bought the jowl bacon. I would have given Bill some jowl bacon, but by the end of the market, I was out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heath, I had some of the bacon this morning...Amazing!! Thanks again. -Bill