Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wooly Pigs Brand Mangalitsa Now Available in Most of the USA

I'm happy to announce that Wooly Pigs has finally reached the point where customers across much of the USA can order Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa.

The new distribution is made possible by Foods In Season, a Washington-based company that distributes pacific salmon, mushrooms, truffles, foraged edibles and other fancy foods across the USA, overnight, via FedEx.

You can call them, order the stuff, and they'll ship to you - the same product that goes to restaurants like Ad Hoc, Frascati, La Folie and Michael Mina (some of the San Francisco Bay Area's best restaurants).

Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa is available in the following areas:

Puget Sound - call me (Heath) at 253-833-7591

San Francisco Bay Area - call Tom at 415-648-4762.

If you live in these states, you can order our Mangalitsa from Foods in Season.

Foods In Season will take orders from the states shown.*

Foods In Season is only selling foodservice cuts: things like chop ready loins, shoulder butts and sides (bellies with the ribs in them - have your rib puller handy). Please don't call Foods in Season and ask for a single chop or a steak; they don't have that stuff.

To order Wooly Pigs brand Mangalitsa from Foods In Season, contact Jerad Anderson, Director of Operations, at 866-767-2464 ext. 113, or email

Can't order live pigs yet from Foods In Season.
Picture courtesy of Torm Siverson.

If you want to buy things like feeder pigs, live pigs, whole pig carcasses, halves, a pallet of Mangalitsa, etc. please call me at 253-833-7591. Foods In Season isn't set up to do those yet.

*If you live in a state not shown on the map, please call Michael Clampffer of Mosefund at (201) 289-0210. They fatten Mangalitsa feeder pigs (that we sell them) on a beautiful farm in New Jersey. They sell their pork to some of New York's best restaurants, in addition to distributing their pork across the USA.

Besides Mosefund, America has a few other Mangalitsa producers; the master list is here.

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